Klarafy is music to your ears.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a special uncle who knows everything about classical music? Someone who could tell us, just by flicking through our record collection, that we should try out some Wagner or Chopin?

What is Klarafy? Let us clarify (#badumtss)

Well, we actually made this uncle... a pretty nifty webtool that analyses your Spotify playlist and checks your favourite music, the general 'mood' of the music and specific musical elements such as instruments, vocal types and so on. Based on this extensive analysis Klarafy suggests different classical pieces you may really like.

Crazy? Yes it was crazy work. But check it out yourselves: www.klarafy.be

There is nobody better to ask to check out Klarafy than the most critical people in the music business; the artists themselves. Since we wanted to see if it works for all genres, we asked people from all genres. From dance to rock to schlager...

Listen to their reactions here and enjoy.

Music maestro !


Klara stelt voor: Klarafy, een nieuwe webtool die je persoonlijke muzieksmaak vertaalt naar klassieke muziek: http://klarafy.klara.be/